​How Do I Get My Cat In The Hoodie?

The most effective way to get a cat in a hoodie is to follow the S.R.P.S.M.F. System. Start with STRADDLING your cat. Next ROLL the hoodie so that the neck hole and tummy hole are aligned making it easier to place over the cats face. PULL the hoodie over your cats head and SNAKE one arm through each armhole at a time. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you make sure the cats claws are not getting caught on the hoodie or hoodie sleeves. This could damage your product or worse, damage your cat. The last step it to MASSAGE and FEED your cat so that it knows how awesome it is, especially in the hoodie. If your cat is a difficult cat, you may need to coerce it with treats through this entire process. Goodluck!



What If My Cat Doesn't Like Being Dressed?

Not all cats enjoy wearing the cute clothing we insist upon them. It is important to understand your cat and not push his or her boundaries or depression may occur. Consider the tempurature, most cats have a full coat of fur covering their bodies (some more or less) so they should not be clothed if it is too hot. At Hoodcat we offer hoodies of different thickness so cats can be clothed whatever the season. We are NOT saying take your cat outside in 90 degree weather in a sweatshirt...that would be inhumane and unreasonable. Also, do not leave your cat unattended while dressed. By doing this, you are risking the cat getting too hot or caught on something (like the dogs collar). All in all, listen to your cat, they always know best.



Payment & Shipping

We offer the option to pay by using stripe or paypal. You will recieve a confirmation email attached with a receipt for your purchase. Please allow one to two weeks time for shipping.


Returns & Refunds

If you are at all dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return it for full refund of the product not including shipping. All Hoodcat products have 30 days from your purchase to be returned for refund.

How Can My Cat Become a Hoodcat?

It's easy! Just follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photo of your cat in Hoodcat and we'll feature you!

Make sure to tag us on the photo and not just in the caption, this way makes it much easier to find your image! 



Thank you for shopping with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

At Hoodcat it is our goal to provide quality service to our customers. It is also important to us that all cats are treated with respect and care when being hooded. Please read below for solutions to common problems with cat clothing and other FAQs.

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